Finding Marvelous

Info Box

I was walking down my road the other day and passed an “info box” at the end of a neighbor’s driveway.

There was no “For Sale” sign at the house, no real estate placards — just a clear “info box” on a white post sitting next to a red mailbox, number three nine zero.

I was curious, but a little too self-conscious to actually look to see what was IN the “info box” at three nine zero, so I just wondered.

I have wondered a lot.

What would someone put in an “info box” at the end of their driveway?

A photo of the family, perhaps? “Hello, we’re the McDermotts.”

The recipe from tonight’s dinner? I could smell the delicious concoction as I walked by.

Details about the family dog that watched me as I watched him: teeth? check. claws? check. shots? I hope so.

I might ask them to post a sketch of their garden, with notations on the flowers. I thought I spotted Dutchman’s Breeches, but I couldn’t tell — there was a dog in my way.

So, what would someone put in an “info box” at the end of their driveway?

When I decided to re-start this blog, I had to ask myself a similar question: what am I going to put in it?

I knew that if I was going to charge myself with the task of a regular blog post, I needed to be clear about my intentions. So I wrote a list: writing, art, poetry, photos, books, recipes, general observations about life, quotes.

I was comforted by the familiarity of the list. “I KNOW these things,” I thought. “These are the things that have surrounded me all of my life. THESE are the things I will put in my blog.”

And these are the things I would put in an “info box” at the end of MY driveway.

– – – – –

“Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous.”


– – – – –

What I’d put inside my “info box” this week…


• • •

Copies of The Creativity Book: A Year’s Worth of Inspiration and Guidance by Eric Maisel may be purchased here.

©2010, Jennifer Payne

12 thoughts on “Finding Marvelous

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  1. Your graphics are absolutely delicious. It’s not just the objets, it’s the way you arrange and comment on them. I could look at pages like the above for hours–would also buy boxes of cards to send, like the ones you do at Christmas, or a book made from such pages.

    I love your work–and you!

  2. But now you’ve got ME wondering! What IS in box 390? I think from looking at your photo, which shows that they have a “Welcome” sign hanging off the 390 mailbox, and a little picture showing through the plexiglass of the info box, that they WANT people to take a look. Just like with your Blog. I think you should go back and look and see what it is that they apparently have to share!

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