[ Passport to Memory: Intro ]

Passport Intro

Wanderlust is in the family genes; we are the hearty souls of the Sunday drive, the family vacation, the road trip. It has taken root, now, in me. Past travels weave through my mind and conjure up memories of family & friends & lovers. The stories are part of who I am, and part of who I will be–as each, when called up, sets me to dreaming of journeys yet to take.

In his book Dime-Store Alchemy, poet Charles Simic writes about the work of artist Joseph Cornell, explaining, ‘Our memories are divine images because memory is not subject to the ordinary laws of time & space.’

This journal was inspired by Cornell, who magically wove random objects into dream-like creations. It was during a visit to an exhibit of Cornell’s work (2007) that I discovered this National Park Passport, and saw in it a place for memories.

• • •

This Statement of Purpose is “typed” on a hand-antiqued, folded note and enclosed in a clear plastic pocket-page along with a handmade Salada tea bag with a quote by Italian author Cesare Pavese, “We do not remember days, we remember moments;” and a handmade fortune cookie fortune that reads “cherish the memory of” in Chinese on one side, and the Aldous Huxley quote “Every man’s memory is his private literature.” on the other. My passport photo and a stamp depicting a bridge further set the tone of travel and journeys.

(Copies of Dime-Store Alchemy may be purchased by here.)

Passport Intro 2

©2010, Jennifer Payne

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