With Gratitude

Last night, I attended a workshop called “Treasure Mapping Your Goals” with a good friend of mine.

“It is important,” said the presenter, Lisa Lelas, “to reconnect with your passions.”

To quizzical looks, she continued, “Think back to when you were 12. You are your most authentic self when you are 12,” she told us.

As we all jotted down notes from our pre-teen selves, I looked across the aisle at my friend and realized she and I had met when we were 12!

There were lots of other tidbits of suggestions last night — ideas and exercises for how to bring our goals and dreams to fruition.

“Keep a Gratitude Journal,” Lisa explained. “Each night, write down three things for which you are most grateful.”

Reconnecting to passions? defining my goals with clarity? conjuring up the Laws of Attraction? These were things that would take time. Jotting down gratitude seemed an easy first-step on the map. So I bought a journal today — wonderfully labeled “think. create. record.” and wrote my first entry…

MARCH 23, I am grateful for:

1. a day’s worth of good work

2. time to write at the end of that day

3. and good friends with whom to share this journey

• • •

Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bear bad fruit.
James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

©2010, Jennifer Payne

2 thoughts on “With Gratitude

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  1. Hi Jen –

    Congratulations on this splendid and new direction.

    I agree it is crucial for the spirit to develop gratitude – I appreciate the reminder -still working toward that goal.
    The following is a punny poemy I wrote for thanksgiving ’06. The night before hosting a large family gathering I usually have a bit of insomnia, so I was working through that by “counting my blessings instead of sheep”.
    I guess the piece is obviously dated since it refers to thankfulness for a reduction in the price of gas,
    but I guess now I could substitute a thankfulness for a real and positive legislative movement toward heath care for all. Anyroad, I am still thankful for most of these, with the amendment of 2 granddaughters now, and one grandson. (though he’ll need an appropriate pun of his own, and soon!)

    Words of Thanks At 3:30 A.M.

    I am thankful for reggiano parmasean
    romano and asiago
    grateful really

    thankful for clover honey drizzled over
    carrot muffins
    bee holden

    thankful for my daughter and granddaughter
    true apres-she-nation

    I am thankful for the open exchange policy
    of LL Bean
    not at all re-sentful

    thankful for the lowering cost
    of petrochemicals
    tankful indeed

    thankful, especially,
    for the ability not to take life
    too seriously
    extremely prankful.

    Gemma Mathewson 11 – 10 – 06

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